Basic Anatomical Movements – Arm Abduction

by Kilo on March 28, 2011

The more I learn about anatomy and physiology, the more questions I find myself capable of asking. So I’m going to start dribbling in brief posts like this which will give examples of some foundational anatomical movements. Today we’ll talk about arm abduction.

Please watch this brief video:

He is moving his arm away from the midline of his body–picture the midline as a literal line drawn down the center, splitting him into left and right halves.

Abduction is simply moving a body part away from the center. For instance, the first movement of the jumping jack begins with both the arms and the legs moving out and away from the midline. Both examples of abduction.

Or picture the machine at the gym where you open and close the legs against resistance. Dan John calls it the “innie and outie machine.” Pressing outwards on the hip abduction machine is another way to visualize it.

That probably didn’t blow your mind, but I’m meeting too many gym rats who really don’t know how to talk about what their bodies are doing. This isn’t a big deal if they’re getting results they’re happy with, but it becomes particularly helpful when we start looking at resolving pain in the body.

In the next post I’ll take a look at adduction.


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