Alan Calvert – Creator of MILO Barbell Company

by Kilo on April 7, 2011

Alan Calvert was an early admirer of Eugen Sandov. Sounds like just about everyone else was as well.

But while many people would see men like Sandov of Louis Cyr perform and say “Wow (or at the time it was probably something like “gee!”) I’d like to be that strong,” most of them went home and forgot all about it. Otherwise we’d have a lot more records of a lot more strong people from the early 20th century.

Calvert saw, and he acted. The video above gives a quick recap of who the man was and what his company was all about.
In one word: strength. In two words, strength training. In three words…well, enough’s enough. Let’s not get silly. has some reprint issues of his book The Truth About Weight Lifting. The cover shows a man lifting a circus dumbbell. Do you really need to know anything else?

He made some great equipment, including a pretty serious-looking adjustable kettlebell. And according to legend, he was a pretty good writer as well.


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