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Eric Lahmy September 1, 2011 at 7:25 am

Somebody under the name of “Kilo”, at “The Strenght Rules”, asked me how I knew the works of Vince Gironda. I answered his email, without any success. The message did not go through. If you are “Kilo”, this is my answer. Eric.

Hello, KiloFirst, excuse my English…. I am French.
In 1961, I saw a photo of Steve Reeves on a cover of a French BB magazine, “Sciences Culturistes”. I had never seen such a physique, better than any Greek or Renaissance statue… and I bought the mag. Inside, out of stories and(or) photos of Steve Reeves, Reg Park and Arthur Robin (the first black Mr Universe), I could read a little story about a guy named Vince Gironda, who had been many years before “Mr Califonia”. They said he was operating with his wife a successfull studio in California, perhaps in Hollywood, as many movies stars went to train there. He was a superb athlete, tanned, not too big but with all the package: broad shoulders, wide lat spread and incredibly shaped pecs. Five years later, I knew that the same Gironda, now 45, had lost the NABBA Mr Universe at London, behind a big English guy, with a Grimek like physique, Len Sell. The photos of Gironda were incredible. He was not very big, but every muscle was so well ciseled… and allways these unique pectoral muscles. I guess he made a sensation at London! Slowly, I became aware that Gironda was not only a very good athlete, but a great “coach” of champions, Larry Scott, Don Howorth and Arnold amongst them. During the 70s and 80s , I could read at last some tips by Vince Gironda in “Iron Man”, I believe, and what he wrote was so interesting, so new, so original that it seemed to me that I was discovering bodybuilding, I began to try his ideas (for example a very “girondesque” point of view about the bench press), and okay, they were accurate. I did’nt really try his views about nutrition as I was allways travelling a lot (I am a journalist) and I became a vegetarian (I follow the diet of an Australian olympic swimmer, Murray Rose), but, fort example, as Vince suggest, I allways eat the wole egg!
Truly yours,


Kilo September 1, 2011 at 12:55 pm

Hi Eric, yeah, that’s me. I’m not sure why your email didn’t go through, but thank you for the reply.


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