Exercise Library

This is a work in progress that I’ll have more or less knocked out over the next month.

I’m not a huge stickler for exercise form. I do not believe in an absolute “best” form, we’re all just too different. I do believe that there is best for myself, and best for you as well. We’ll each just have to experiment to find it.

But there are many movements and movement patterns that are not familiar to everyone. My goal with this page will be to provide videos that I feel adequately demonstrate the basic movement patterns. Meaning, each movement has a point A and a point B. These links and videos will give you the basics, then it will be up to you to choose whether to find what is best for you (highly recommended) or just copy what you see, (not as highly recommended!).

Barbell exercises



Bodyweight drills

Grip Strength

Weird stuff

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